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Gaming is bad for you? Nah, to be more precise it is all about the type of game you are playing that matters. For example, if you play puzzle games or quiz games, can you say that these games are bad for you? Actually not only do they do no harm, but quite opposite, they help you to improve your thinking abilities.


So, puzzle games, quiz games, word games, etc. There are so many games out there that fall under this category, but right now I want to focus my attention only on one of them - Word Wipe AARP. What makes this game outstanding compared to other similar games out there is that it has outstanding simplicity and straightforward design, the game itself is very intuitive and you can start playing it right away, no extra tips or guides are required.


Combine letters so they can make a meaningful word in the end, you have a board with random numbers on it, and your job is to press these letters in a meaningful manner, simple as that. The bigger words you combine the better, you get more points, you get bonuses, etc. Try to think fast in the game because you have limited time, as soon as timers run out game ends and if you don't have enough points you lose.


Like I have said before, in the game you have an opportunity to use the bomb, this feature is unlocked only on special occasions if you have accumulated enough points you have an opportunity to trigger it. Use it wisely for generating more points in the game.


I am well aware that there are tons of similar games out there, however, Word Wipe AARP is one of its kind in my opinion, not only this game is challenging, but at the same time, it is entertaining and fun.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and start your quiz challenge, I am sure you will love this game.